Extra Sales
The key to business success lies
in additional sales, reduced outgoings and securing long term relationships with your customers.

The TBEx network is not open to
all your competitors, yet can be attractive to your potential
new customers.

Imagine a situation where every
time you spend a pound on a business purchase you are guaranteed a pound back in new business!

That's exactly how our clients
trade millions of pounds worth
of products and services without spending cash.

Extra Profits
Discover the secrets on how to make your company more profitable by using what you have to buy what you need.

You will be amazed at how much cash will be left in your bank account when you work with the Business Exchange and do business with our members.

Local Rewards
Join a network of local businesses who have agreed to reward their loyal customers between themselves.

The ultimate loyalty network where you buy from them and they buy from you, and where being, a local business counts. www.accordrewards.info